Service Investment Company, Inc

Frequently Asked

1)      How soon do I have to pay my check?

- Restitution is due promptly after our contact

2)      Can you draft the payment from my bank account?

- Yes we can, with either our notice to you located at all our stores or via your direct authorization

3)      If I can’t pay you promptly, will you sue me in court?

- As long as you work with us toward resolving the amount due on your check, we will hold off initiating suit

4)      Do you report me to some Network of Bad Check?

- We report all return checks to the National Check Network, but upon full payment of your account – it is promptly removed

5)      Am I better off ignoring your contact if I can’t pay?

- Ignoring our contacts will only make our resolve stronger and our patience shorter.  Dialogue is always better

6)      Will the merchant accept my check again if I pay you?

- Prompt payment will be forwarded directly to the merchant and they will accept your future checks.

7)      Does this affect my credit?

- Maybe, there is no credit report made during the 30-day validation period. payment during this period will avoid any mark on your file. After the validation period the account info will be uploaded to Equifax and may appear as a collection account. Upon payment, we will send an update to Equifax and the account will be updated to paid status

8)      What if this check was forged?

- We will need a copy of a police report and a bank letter stating the account was fraudulently drawn on.  Please call us at 605-624-5505 and we will help you get this removed.

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